Infosys Pedestrian Bridge Team

Browning Day and American Structurepoint are proud to announce that the Infosys Pedestrian Bridge was selected as Merit Award winner from the American Council of Engineering Companies of Indiana (ACEC)


Infosys is a leader in creating sustainable and accessible workplaces for professionals in the tech industry. When designing their new U.S. Education and Training Center, it was imperative to them that the existing airport parking garage be re-used and accessible for all users of the Infosys campus. Unfortunately, High School Road, a four-lane road, separated the campus from the existing parking garage and presented a challenging obstacle to the design team. Fostering a partnership with the City of Indianapolis was an integral part of the solution to make the Infosys Pedestrian Bridge a reality.

With Browning Day as the prime design consultant, the process included extensive collaboration between Browning Day, American Structurepoint, LENEX Steel Fabrication, the City of Indianapolis, the Indianapolis Airport Authority, and Infosys. The Design team worked with the Fabricator to address concerns and set fabrication expectations, as this would be assembled on-site and picked in one lift, with two cranes. Considerations were made to how the bridge would function in the future as well. The resulting design solution is a bridge that is both an extension of the landscape and a beautiful expression of form and function, framing both the city of Indianapolis and the Infosys campus as one crosses.


Bridge Installation