Creating a positive lasting impression or change in someone or something is a designer’s ideal outcome for their work. Sitting outside his grandparents’ house and drawing at the age of 10, Tim Wise knew design and architecture was his calling. Taking users on a journey is an experiential process that starts the moment you enter the site. The process continues through to the user’s destination and leaves them with some of their best memories. Tim is extremely driven by this journey and its impact on the human experience.

Tim Wise Principal and President

Tim is a visionary, a leader within Browning Day who imagines the final product and the client’s experience. He is a great facilitator of collaboration and design. He empowers the team to strive toward excellence and bring the design to reality. Tim has partnered with many recognizable clients, such as Purdue University, Indy Eleven, Infosys, and Eli Lilly.

The foundation of Browning Day’s success is building lasting partnerships and creating captivating spaces resulting in a transformation of lives. The leadership team has the exceptional ability to recognize talent and build a team with diverse and project experience. With our strong leadership, we are bound to be successful designers of possibility for our partners and clients.