A listening ear and a trusted relationship with clients are the common threads for successful projects at Browning Day. There is always an opportunity to align the client’s mission within a project while providing design solutions focused on their unique desires and goals. With the frequency of returning clients, Browning Day has shown by example how to be an exceptional partner who listens.

Jonathan Hess, Principal and Chairman of the Board

Jonathan Hess, Principal and Chairman of the Board at Browning Day brings his Hippocratic Oath: Make No Ugly to the table every day. A space can be an integration of science and art while also answering the needs of the users. It’s not just about creating a space to look good; it’s about amplifying the client’s vision for the user through the entire process, putting their needs and wants at the forefront of every design. Hess has been privileged to work on many iconic projects, cementing Browning Day in the realm of landmark architecture. The Eiteljorg Museum, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and the Children’s Museum are a few of the many works Jonathan had a hand in creating.

His mindset of collaboration and trust gives the future of Browning Day a healthy perspective on building new relationships in the coming years. Bringing open minds and innovative hearts to the design allows for the partnership to flourish into something special. Our legacy of designing and transforming human experience aids us to be designers of possibility.