Browning Day Mullins Dierdorf moves forward as Browning Day.

As we embark upon a new decade of practice, we are energized by a re-brand grounded in our history and focused on our future. We remind ourselves of the vision that our founders, Alan Day and Jim Browning provided at the very beginning. There is a storied history here, moved by a mission to make a monumental impact on the city of Indianapolis and beyond.  While we’re proud of our accomplishments over the years, we continue to move forward. This branding process has allowed us to take an objective look at our work, philosophy, and goals. As a result, our new visual identity, mission, and vision set the stage for the next generation of leaders at Browning Day.


A lasting mark:

We’ve evolved a portion of a historic Browning Day Pollak logo into a modern interpretation. This iteration of the logo is reminiscent of a thought bubble which symbolizes our commitment to collaboration. In our experience, we’ve found the secret to creating anything of distinction is listening and collaborating – dreaming together. We bring our expertise and individuality to the table to better understand and realize the client’s goals in built form.


Possibilities are everywhere:

The possibilities lie in our ability to extract the true essence of a client’s identity and vision. It’s our job to distill those thoughts, desires, and vision, and filter it through our design lens to help our clients dream bigger, smarter, and more sustainably. We design possibilities for our clients, not just a place or space…but impactful, genuine, and enduring spaces that enhance our clients’ culture, identity, and wellbeing.


What does this mean for you…and for us?

With every opportunity Browning Day creates possibility. Possibility for cities to flourish, organizations to achieve their desired outcomes and for occupants to enjoy these places in new and exciting ways. For us, design is not just about knitting together a site, building, and finishes. This lens of possibility pushes us forward into a culture of human innovation that will have profound impacts on the present and future of our clients, city, and firm.


We are Browning Day. Designers of Possibility™.

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