Browning Day is thrilled to announce the addition of eight new shareholders. This exciting development marks a significant milestone for the company as it continues to grow its presence in the industry.


Our new shareholders bring a wealth of experience, expertise, and passion to the firm, further strengthening Browning Day’s position as a top tier firm in Indianapolis. Each new shareholder has demonstrated exceptional dedication and has consistently contributed to the success and growth of the company. Their addition to the shareholder group will undoubtedly propel Browning Day into new heights of success in the coming years. Let us take a moment to highlight the achievements and commend the contributions of each new shareholder:


Brett Schlachter

As a Project Manager in Landscape Architecture, Brett brings a unique ability to collaborate with clients to create adaptive solutions. Brett’s quick wit and kind nature allow him to foster strong connections with our clients and staff. His ability to blend aesthetics with sustainable practices has resulted in breathtaking landscapes that enhance the natural environment.

Jeremy Stroebel

With his expertise as the IT Director and degree in Architecture, Jeremy has played a crucial role in implementing technology solutions that streamline operations and enhance efficiency within the firm. His knowledge and strategic approach have greatly contributed to Browning Day’s success.

Katie Thompson

As the Senior Interior Designer, Katie has consistently delivered exceptional interior design solutions that exceed client expectations. Katie is known for her expertise in LEED and FITWEL. Her passion for creating community spaces that inspire wellness and connection transcends into her designs. Her attention to detail and ability to create inviting and functional spaces have made her a trusted expert in the field.

Lacey Causseaux

As the Director of Interior Design, Lacey brings a fresh perspective to the firm. Her innovative approach and understanding of the latest design trends have resulted in stunning interiors that reflect the unique vision of each client. She is widely respected for her unique ability to lead complex design discussions that engage, inspire, and align diverse stakeholder groups.

Michael Eagan

With his expertise as the Director of Faith-Based Design, Michael has successfully created sacred spaces that inspire and uplift communities. His ability to incorporate spiritual elements into his designs has made him a respected leader in faith-based architecture.

Mike Walker

As the Senior Project Manager, Mike has consistently created innovative technology and compliance focused solutions. He has a thorough understanding of how to deliver exceptional projects. His attention to detail and commitment to delivering projects have earned him the trust and respect of our staff and clients.

Paul Wolfe

With his extensive experience both in design and sustainability, as Design Architect, Paul brings a wealth of knowledge and creativity to Browning Day. He is respected for his ability to listen, conceptualize, and execute transformative designs. Our clients are naturally drawn to Paul’s joyful energy and aptitude to create excellent puns in any situation.

Tom Green

As a Senior Project Manager in Landscape Architecture, Tom combines his expertise in landscape architecture with a deep understanding of sustainability. He is admired by all for his ability to conceptualize and deliver complex design solutions. His designs not only enhance the beauty of outdoor spaces but also promote environmental stewardship.

Browning Day is thrilled to welcome these talented individuals to the shareholder group. Their diverse backgrounds, expertise, and dedication to excellence will undoubtedly contribute to the firm’s continued success and growth.