The Energy Inside Our Walls Helps Us to be Greater Outside of Them

At Browning Day, we strive to improve the human experience. We feed our vision by means of transformative design – but that’s only a small physical piece of the impact we aspire to have on our city, community, and culture. Human connection can help us cultivate a more inventive, equitable, and fruitful city. By lending a hand, ear, or dedicating time to connect, we hope to harness our collaborative spirit to leave an impact on our city that steps beyond the bounds of design.

Community involvement has the power to bring significant positive change to the community where we live, learn, work, and play. Giving back as a company is in our DNA and has so many benefits, both for us and our community:

Fosters a Positive, Caring, Purposeful Work Environment

Working with colleagues in a new context gets us out of our routine and builds rapport and camaraderie. These opportunities to be of service can raise employee morale, increase engagement, and spur on a sense of pride to be part of a firm that gives back. The resulting sense of accomplishment, passion, and unification allows us to be more purposeful and impactful in our work.

Encourages Leadership

Volunteering affords all employees – regardless of title, department, or experience – the opportunity to try on a leadership hat, improving internal leadership and team building skills while fostering confidence and self-efficacy in the workplace.

Creates Opportunities to Add Value

Giving your time and talent can have benefits beyond the initial philanthropic “feel good”. When practiced regularly, it can add meaning and purpose to why we do what we do. Servant leadership teaches putting others first – enabling participants to step outside of their own world to see and experience the fulfillment in helping others.

Not only are we doing good in our community, but we are also offering our professionals an opportunity to step out of their comfort zone and shape their perspectives, potentially strengthening the value they bring to their clients, peers, and trade.

Above + Beyond

Going the extra mile outside of the workplace can have benefits within. Having a positive experience giving back can encourage a productive culture of going above and beyond to deliver that little bit extra that clients always remember.

Enduring Relationships

By building lasting local relationships within the nonprofit community, we can see how our support can make a difference, deepening our resolve to help build our communities into world-class caring neighborhoods. Companies and communities benefit equally, bringing time and skills together to meet a need.

We are proud supporters of various community engagement initiatives, including Central Indiana Community Foundation’s 5-year strategic plan. This commitment allows us to be a part of much needed progress to make our community a place where all individuals have equitable opportunity to reach their full potential.

“Browning Day is a creative, cultural and civic force for Indianapolis. Central Indiana Community Foundation has been focused on Inspiring Places and Quality of Life through great design in the built environment for over a decade. The incredible work of Browning Day has been a major contributor to Indianapolis’ growth and success. They are also a valued and generous partner to CICF and many other nonprofits.”

– Brian Payne, President and CEO Central Indiana Community Foundation

Day of Service Debrief

The Browning Day Social Committee began in 2015 with the purpose of building employee morale and participation. After years of refining events like our Chili cook-off, summer picnic, and pumpkin carving contest, the Social Committee began discussing external events. And so – our inaugural day of service was born.

On February 26th, 28 Browning Day staff visited Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana to join in the fight against hunger. In 3 hours, we were able to sort through 18,925 pounds of food – enough to provide 15,771 meals to Hoosiers in need. Teams worked to sort, weigh, pack and transfer food from donors to the shelves for food bank clients. The morning was full of smiles, words of encouragement, and a bit of healthy competition.

As we continue to make service a part of our mission, we are making meaningful contributions that strengthen our talent, our work, and the community around us.

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Greg Jacoby, AIA | Jennifer Miller, AIA, LEED Green Associate