International Creativity Month


To begin our new year at Browning Day, we celebrated our team members’ creativity with International Creativity Month. Last month we dug a little deeper into how our staff practices creativity outside the office. We found some real gems in our search for creativity, and we’re excited to share the incredible imagination and talents of our designers. Like we say in the office, we are Designers of Possibility, and it’s not just limited to the designs of our projects.

At an early age, Madison Rief, Designer, felt the tug to create and design works of art. In high school, she painted a portrait of her dad and herself at a younger age and in college, her creations branched out to digital art. Now she uses her digital skills to design graphical illustrations of people’s homes.












Shorf Afza, designer, uses a wide range of mediums and materials to create an inspiring array of art. Her work may include objects she’s found in the recycling bin or trash can or spilled coffee. It might even include some of Browning Day’s interior design samples from past projects.












Brian Ziolkowski, Architect, Project Manager and the office’s Railroad Aficionado, has been drawn to railroads since he was a little boy living less than a mile away from one in South Bend, Indiana. He now creates model railroads and has a keen interest in photographing them in real life.

Tom Green, Landscape Architect and Project Manager sculpts and paints astoundingly detailed action figures.
Inspired by Edward Hopper’s art work, Mia Dalton, Landscape Designer, uses acrylic painting and digital art to capture everyday moments and objects, as well as creating abstract environmental canvases.













Creating art is a form of meditation for designer, Bin Sayeed Bakhti. He’s used his knowledge of architectural renderings to animate and design spaces that may not exist in our reality. Many of his pieces are a response to current events.










At 12 years old, Jim Fram started working in his dad’s woodworking shop and hasn’t stopped yet. His dad has been inspirational in working with wood and repurposing older wooden pieces.












Follow along this year to see more art and design from our talented team! #browningdaycreativity