Our firm has a storied history in Indianapolis and our founders set out to make a monumental impact in the city and beyond. We have an incredibly talented team continuing that vision and a culture that is fun, inclusive, and family-oriented.

While we celebrate the last 50 years, we are mindful of the future of the firm. As a part of understanding and communicating who we are and why we do what we do, we set out on a re-branding project. We worked with two branding agencies and as the client, saw some similarities between their processes and how we create a successful client experience at Browning Day.

Things like:

Understanding goals: This seems simple and yet it is critical that a client’s needs are heard. One of our greatest strengths is our ability to listen and reflect ideas that meet (and exceed) the hopes and dreams of the client.

Research: The branding process included research on perceptions of our firm – internally with staff and externally with the market. For us, learning the business goals, team dynamics, and leadership philosophy of our clients helps us understand the “why” of a project.

Defining key criteria: With something as subjective as design, it is critical to state what success looks like. With the re-brand, we defined key criteria for our logo and the website. We returned to those parameters at major milestones. The same occurs within our design process.

Being a trusted partner: With a brand or a building, this is the first and maybe only time a client will do a project of this type. Clear communication, providing guidance through options, staying on time and budget all help to maintain trust throughout the process.

Client centered: We will always bring creativity to the table. At the same time, our clients are every bit as involved in the project as we are. We enjoyed having a voice in our re-brand while having the expertise and resources of an agency.

Seeing the possibilities: We believe in improving the human experience through design and this starts with envisioning possibilities. Whether a brand, website, an open space or a building – it’s about bringing a client’s identity and aspirations to life.

On January 20th, 2020, we will reveal our new logo and website. We’ve invested in the process, learned a lot, and could not have done it without our branding partners. We cannot wait to share it with you.

I hope you’ll see our continued commitment to our clients and community in our new brand. I would love to hear what you think! Connect with me via email: rfoulke@bdmd.com or via LinkedIn.

Rosie Foulke
Vice President of Business Development / Senior Associate