Leading design through passion and skill, interior designers are changing the way we experience spaces. They use current trends to meet the functional needs of projects and bring value to our clients. While some trends may come and go, here are five trends for 2019 that we love, and hope are here to stay!

1. Nod to Nature

People are spending more time indoors but wanting to connect with nature now more than ever. Bringing outside elements to the interior spaces through natural light, clean air filtration, live plants, and natural wood, are powerful ways to enhance spaces.

Creating a sense of nature when you can’t bring those elements in can be done through an indirect experience, such as adding natural shapes, patterns, colors, forms, and materials.

2. Fostering Community

This trend focuses on generating comfort by promoting social connectivity within a space. The goal is for users to interact with each other and create community for a sense of belonging. For example, taking a professional work environment and capturing a feeling of home by infusing it with casual living space, or moody lounge spaces.

Social hubs and unassigned seating are a trend we love, especially in office settings that are trying to attract young talent. Offering spaces that can act as an informal meeting space or a second desk allows people to take control of their environment, and work in a way that suits their task at hand.

3. Color Pop

When it comes to color, it’s not just about what colors are “in,” but about how they are being used. We love varied warm gray tones that are inspired by nature, and white will always be a classic base color to build from. Playing with sheen in a neutral space is a beautiful way to create variation, and instead of subtle accent walls, many of our designs are heading toward walls in bold, confident colors. Adding a bright pop of color in furniture and accessories, or a pop of color in artwork are other ways we’re seeing this trend incorporated into current spaces.

4. Mix of Materials

Design palettes with a mix of materials are being used to create interest, warmth, and definition in many of our client’s spaces. We often mix materials to add texture, focusing not only on the way varied materials feel, but also the way varied materials may appear visually. Materials such as faux fur and woven leather add dramatic texture in the way they feel, while combining light and dark wood tones, or white washed wood with a mix of metals achieves a beautiful visual mix.

5. Being Authentic

Many of our clients are adding personal touches to their spaces so employees can celebrate unique qualities of their employer. Items related to their community, location, staff, or mission allow users to feel a deeper connection to the space, the company, and the community that surrounds them. Artwork from local artists, reclaimed local woods, handmade tiles, bold graphics, and displays of work or products created by our clients are examples we love.