As designers of possibility, we partner with organizations who hone in on innovation and positively impacting communities. We are proud to support the vibrant tech community in Indiana. The growing tech industry has added 1 in 10 jobs to the Indiana workforce since 2010-2020 and the annual share of Indiana’s GDP is over $51 billion*.


Attracting Talent

The impact tech companies have on attracting talented professionals dramatically impacts the economic growth and infrastructure of Indiana. We believe it is essential to come together with the tech industry on how Browning Day can continue to attract professionals. It is part of our value to support the individuals, community organizations, investors, educators, entrepreneurs, and tech employees by creating spaces to attract talent and support the employee’s well-being.

Taking inspiration from Higher Education collaboration

One of Browning Day’s recent partners and projects, IU School of Medicine, fosters collaboration among budding professionals and veterans in the healthcare industry by revolutionizing the concept of open, collaborative and adaptable spaces. They provide students with top-of-the-line training for their future workforce environment.

Tech companies understand the value of using spaces to attract talent, create unique cultures, and thriving careers. Browning Day cultivates a collective workplace designed to transform the human experience and create a lasting impact.

Aligning our values in sustainability

Climate change remains high on the global agenda and every industry, including tech companies, is considering the future and its impact on the environment. Browning Day understands technology is the path to the next generation of sustainable design solutions. Tech is helping architects and engineers usher in an age of evidence-based design, optimized solutions, and high-performance outcomes.

Infosys, a global tech company partnered with Browning Day to continue its legacy of creating a LEED Platinum campus for professionals in the Midwest. Daniel Overbey, Director of Sustainability at Browning Day, speaks about the experience and challenges of designing and building the largest privately developed LEED Platinum project in Indiana.

You can listen to the full podcast below.


Employees Health and Wellness

As partners and innovators for modern workspaces, Browning Day believes in creating a space specifically benefiting the user’s health and wellness. The pandemic has propelled employees forward in setting better standards for their work-life balance. Those standards have started to permeate into the company’s culture and benefits and carry over into the design of the modern-day work environment. This global phenomenon leaves companies looking for solutions on how to better equip their workplace.

Our partner and recently completed project, First Internet Bank, sets a great example of this solution by adding wellness features like the fitness center, green rooftop bar and seating area, and easy outdoor access to Nickel Plate Trail. These amenities helped set the stage for a transformative design. By listening to the employees at First Internet Bank who were able to share their ideas, Browning Day was able to design a space speaking volumes to the needs of the current and future employees.

Our partnership with clients forming the future of the workplace continues to be an incredible experience for us at Browning Day. We continue to be inspired in new and meaningful ways, and demand we deliver a space with a heightened focus on wellness for all occupants.